Current Collaborations:

Updates to follow showing the progress on these special projects.

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Tree Planting

Spring 2023 – 600 trees planted to create a windbreak along the field edges and roadways to prevent wind erosion, to deflect snow and to redirect wind.

Grassland Restoration and Enhancement

Hike or birdwatch right on your own meadow, prairie or savanna. The sights, sounds and smells of grasslands will create a beautiful space where you can build a connection with nature. Grasslands provide a home for numerous species, including pollinators and hundreds of vibrant native flowers. If you’re a birder, you can also expect to see many bird species, including bobolinks, savanna sparrows and northern bobwhite quail.

Spring 2023 – Planted 1/2 acre of native shade wildflower mix

Fall 2023 – Planting 1.5 acres of native wildflowers, the seed mixes and percentages were all custom

Syngenta Canada

Operation Pollinator

The on-farm component of Operation Pollinator is focused on enhancing biodiversity on the farm, providing participants the opportunity to redirect land considered to be lower in productivity to the establishment of pollinator-friendly habitats for bees and other insects. Operation Pollinator sites provide critical habitat to pollinators, improving biodiversity and soil health. Operation Pollinator is an international biodiversity initiative focused on research and partnerships to promote the health and well-being of bees and other pollinators given their essential role in agriculture and nature.

Fall 2023 – Planting 2 acres of Syngenta’s Pollinator seed mix